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Inspiratie voor je les
Learners and teachers of English die The English Blog nog nooit hebben bezocht, bestaan die? De blog voor reviews, tips en niet te vergeten trivia. Kijk eens op de blog en zie hoe inspirerend deze “milk rap”klinkt. Dan wil je toch meteen boer of boerin worden,”rolling” in your Massey tractor. Zij zijn niet alleen chill maar ook de “milk is chilled” in deze reclame.

Rapping farmers met the X factor

De vier boeren van the West Country (onofficiële naam voor het zuidwesten van Engeland o.a. Somerset, Devon, Cornwall) verschenen op prime time op tv met hun eigen rap song als onderdeel van een advertentie campagne voor Yeo Valley.
De reclame die in de pauze van the X Factor op 9 oktober 2011 werd uitgezonden, is geregisseerd door Julien Lutz die beter bekend is als a music video director van Nelly Furtado, Sean Paul, Alicia Keys, Nelly en Christina Aguilera.

Yo Valley! Yo Valley was geïnspireerd door de Canadese Milk Rap Advert van de Dairy Farmers van Ontario. Zou Boer Jan die ook kennen? O nee, die heeft kippen.
Mocht je het leuk vinden, er is nog een uit 2011 over Pure and Natural Farming, met een echte Boys Band: The Churned Forever.
Churn: shake (milk or cream) in a machine in order to produce butter.
“the cream is ripened before it is churned”
Young farmers have never been so popular…

The sun is up,
the milk is chilled,
it’s going to be a good one.
Yo, yo.

Yo, I’m rollin’ in my Massey on a summer’s day,
chugging cold milk while I’m baling hay.
Yeo Valley’s approach is common sense,
harmony in nature takes precedence.
My ride’s my pride that’s why you never see it dirty,
and I love it here man, that’s why I’m never leavin’ early.
I’m looking good in my cap and my shirt,
I’m representing for the West so hard it hurts.


We make this look easy
‘cause we’re proper modern with this farmin’, believe me.
Wind turbines are shining, baby,
it’s solar farming no buts no maybes.
Here we’re down with the soil association
and we do lots of what? Conservation!
Sustain, maintain, it ain’t no thing,
We set the bar, real leaders by far.

We change the game, it will never be the same
Big up ya chest, represent the West

This isn’t fictional farming, it’s realer than real,
you won’t find milk maidens, that’s no longer the deal.
I’m in my wax coat ‘n’ boots, I’m proper farmer Giles,
now look, you urban folks done stole our style.
I’m not a city dweller, me I like to keep it country,
the air is clean and all those cars won’t make me jumpy.
It’s different strokes for different folks, my man,
Just enjoy the results with what we do with the land.

Check out Daisy she’s a proper cow,
a pedigree Fresian with know how.
Her and her girls they got their own names,
We treat them good, they give us the cream.

We change the game, it will never be the same
Big up ya chest, represent the West

Meer informatie – lezen
Je kunt er nog van alles bijhalen, zoals een artikel in The Guardian
Maar weet dat het geen zin heeft to cry over spilt milk (proverb).

Liever thee?
Fancy a brew? A nice cuppa – Yorkshire Tea

Sarah : I’m really sorry – this just isn’t working any more.
Boyfriend: Really?
Sarah: Yeah, you’ll thank me eventually. You’ll be fine. You just need a cup of tea.
Boyfriend: What?
Sarah: Shhhh. A graze or minor injury, there’s tea, there’s tea. You took an arrow to the knee, have tea, oh tea. Even winners of the Monaco Grand Prix drink tea, and it’s drunk by the bourgeoisie – probably. Likely change the course of history, lovely cup of tea. When Monday leaves you feeling blue, when your boss has a rage that you can’t subdue, you’ll likely see his point of view if you just sit down and have a brew. If zombies come back from the dead, and you’re all tucked up inside your bed, put down your guns – use tea instead, then use the cup to smash their heads.
Boyfriend: Sarah, can we just talk? Sarah …
Sarah: Your leg’s trapped underneath debris, there’s tea, there’s tea. You feel a burning when you wee, have tea, oh tea. Been sectioned for insanity, more British than the Jubilee, I even heard it made a blind man see, lovely cup of tea. It makes you sexy, ripped and brave, brings childhood pets back from the grave, puts curly hair upon your chest, acts just like a bulletproof vest, cleans pollution, grime and smog, gives a glossy coat to your dog, could reduce the deficit of Greece, unite and soothe a breach of peace, use it to clean off your make-up, or feel better for a messy break-up.

A brew is an informal word for a cup of tea, aka a cuppa. • Fancy a brew?

Extra idee
Laat de website van Yo Valley opzoeken.